Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Dad would be in ICU right now, except there were no beds available. Thanks be to God (and to all your prayers), he seems a bit better already, even though his bed is now in the "CCCU" area (cardiac critical care). They needed a department where he could be connected to a machine that can help pull excess fluid out of his system, plus better monitor his situation. His spirits are much better now that they have given up on arm I.V. and put a "central line" in through his neck. This sounds horrible, and he looks a bit like a pirate with the little tubes dangling like Jack Sparrow's dreadlocks, but he is actually more comfortable, and even a bit chipper. This is a relief in itself.
I brought Mom home for the night (her first night at home in a week), and will deliver her to CCCU tomorrow morning after the unit opens to visitors. After that, we'll let Dad call the shots. We can't have any more family reunions in his room, because the department allows only two at a time... So we'll have mass gatherings in the waiting room. With all the other worried visitors, waiting to see their loved ones.