Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Deborah Boudreau

Well, here's Sr. Grace's reply! I'm especially fascinated that she actually called up women by that name!
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I had no idea! I looked up "Deborah Boudreau" on and called about 6 of them around the country! How embarrassing!
I want to use the story in the same issue as a "Making a Difference in Our World" article written by postulant Julie about students who raise money for an orphanage in Ukraine and at the same time learn about the Eastern Catholic Churches, how to write icons, chotki prayer beads, etc.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what this is about but I am a Deborah Boudreau an accidentally ran accross this blog. How do I find out more about the message that preceeded this one, who wrote it and why?

xaipe said...

If you scroll to my October 3 post, "True Fiction," you will find "the rest of the story."
As for how I chose "Deborah Boudreau" for my pen name, Deborah was my very best friend from age 9 to 19, and Dixie Boudreaux was my 7th grade teacher.