Tuesday, October 31, 2006

big, big birthday

Well, this "Golden Birthday" is shaping up to be... less than memorable. Thanks be to God for Karen's magnificent present (which I confess to opening a bit ahead of time): the perfect size (perpetual), the perfect "color" (Jesuit), the perfect Gift (a Mass enrollment). I am calling on those graces right now for Dad, who hit a new bottom yesterday. God be praised, the parochial vicar came back from a pilgrimage just yesterday. He's a young man for a "second career" priest--mid-40's--and came to the priesthood as a widower, so I think he will be able to help Mom and Dad through this low spot.
My godmother (Toodie) wanted me to join her and my sister Nell (who has become Japanese for the day) for a Garden Society costume luncheon. After I finally agreed to go, Toodie was unable to convince the Garden Society to squeeze me in. So in the end I agreed to go with her to the All Saints Day Mass at Greenwood Cemetery (where my Dad's family tomb is). Not exactly my idea of a birthday event, but it will help me in the prayer department!


Lisa said...

Thinking of you in special prayer on this birthday! Sending lots of requests heavenward for graces for you and the family during these difficult days.

Anonymous said...

All of your friends from Our Lady of Mount Carmel send the warmest (and most musical) of birthday good wishes. We wish that you could be back with us, and we are praying regularly for your father and your family.