Friday, September 29, 2006

We Pray to the Lord

I have a little confession to make. When it comes to spontaneous intercessions at Mass, I get really nervous! At the local parish, there are a good number of "regulars" who have their usual intentions, and to try to offer a prayer without crashing into another person's intention is a bit like trying to "get in" and jump rope while your friends have the thing turning. (Come to think of it, I was always one of those who hesitated to just run in and start jumping, too.) Anyway, today I dove in to offer a special prayer "For Catholic media professionals, especially Karen who will be meeting with decision-makers in Hollywood about a new show." I did crash into another person's prayer. And it might only be my imagination, but I thought the "Lord, Hear our Prayer!" was especially strong.


Lisa said...

I never mastered jumping "Double Dutch," so I completely understand with intercessions. I don't mind speaking them, but I often hesitate out of concern for bumping into someone else's.

Anonymous said...

I confess that I too had major problems with "jumping in" until my son requested prayers to help him survive marine boot camp. the next chance I had to do so, I jumped in like a frog on a hot lily pad.

Morphogensis baby! said...

I know precisely what all of you speak of. During daily Mass we do that at my parish. Everyone seems to have their rote intentions that seem to have not changed much over the years that i've been there. I'd love to get in...but, part of me almost hates to intrude on that and finds comfort in knowing what I will hear.