Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Milingering Bishops

Excommunicate Archbishop Milingo, the same one who took up with a Unification Church bride some years back, repented and then recanted, is back in the news after attempting the episcopal ordination of four renegade priests. Now they're all excommunicate (by reason of the action itself, not any pronouncement by Church leaders). While I don't understand why the episcopal ordinations would be invalid, I did notice a little something beyond strange in the Zenit news report about the matter.
It seems that this is not the first time these four have been "ordained" bishops. In fact, they seem to have gone through at least one other episcopal ordination, maybe more. So we are witnessing not just an act of schism, but a publicity stunt.

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Anonymous said...

"Publicity stunt"! How many similar envelope-pushing events are really no more than this at their inception, but then take on more and more weight and become "facts on the ground" that dismay and unsettle the faithful!