Friday, August 18, 2006

You were asking...

Why my feet hurt and not my voice, given that we were recording all day.
Because we stand up to sing.
If my throat hurt or my voice was tired after a full day of singing.
No. Generally, if I'm singing in my range--and like the songs--I can sing forever.
Am I really a soprano if I can sing the alto line.
I can reach the alto notes (usually), but not with the honey-warm clarity of a real alto.


AveMaria1 said...

Thanks for are all the Daughters in Boston?
You all are great.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to sore feet after standing what seems to be forever.....Are there chairs in the sound studio?
About singing forever...doesn't your voice get hoarse after awhile? are you singing any solos on this recording, and will you be singing for the Christmas concerts in New York and Boston? I saw a couple of videos of both and just love them. I like seeing the sisters dance.....
Hope you all have a good day tomorrow. Keep up the good work.

Lisa said...

Did the novitiate reception ceremony ever happen?

Anonymous said...

when Fr. Harrington completes his blessing of the machines, ask him to bless the singers, too.