Thursday, August 17, 2006

Studio update

Well, today we did the moral equivalent of.... six songs! We did a "medley" that was really three complete songs (at least they didn't have lots of harmony) and then an eternally long song with six different parts, which we recorded one by one. It took several hours to get all the tracks we needed. What we are doing is recording each harmony line separately, so that we are all singing soprano, second and alto, two tracks of each part. To get two good tracks of any part, we have to sing it a minimum of 8,000 times. So we packed a lot of singing in today, and my feet are killing me! Maybe tomorrow I will be able to upload more studio pics.
Keep praying!


Lisa said...

So that's the FSP secret! A lot of work, I know, but a successful approach!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sr. Anne, I didn't know you all had to record all the voice parts. Aren't you a soprano? How in the world could you sing alto or bass? How many sisters do you need to record a song, and actually how many songs do you record a day? Awaiting more pics and info on the recording....grazie!

AveMaria1 said...

when is the cd release party? just are you sr. anne?

Lisa said...

Actually I think a CD release party would be a great idea!!