Thursday, August 03, 2006



For the second time this week, I have fielded an unusual question while on my walk: where is the sunken house? The one where three nuns were hanged for witchcraft?
Amazingly, it is asked in utter sincerity! So twice so far I have had to be Sister Mary Ghostbuster...


Anonymous said...

Re Sr. Mary Ghostbuster...What would a twenty first century Tom Sawyer do with a scenario such as your daily walks have provided and your vivid imagination could expand upon...for starters there would be a fee for the "tour", ipods blaring screeching owl sounds, howling winds, and a surcharge for whitewashing the sunken house. Think about it, hey, it could cover some of the utility bills at Thecla. Esmerelda

Mojo said...

Love your blog sister...will check in again soon!

mojo - from N. Ireland

Chelsea said...

Sr. Anne,
I walked down that same path on Sunday...I was in the same house as you were!!! I was on the Saint Paul Summer Program. We were at St. Theclas for about an hour or so late Sunday afternoon. Sr. Dorthy and Sr. Bernadette did evening prayer with us outside near the Jesus statue!
I think it is so neat that we were in the same house without even realizing it! :-) Ha!