Wednesday, August 30, 2006


More photos from the loveliest part of Spain...

The capital of the province is (if memory serves me) Oviedo, a charming place. We had a lunch featuring the most typical Asturian products while I got splashed over and over with the local cider (poured from a pitcher held several feet over the targeted glass).

The cross held by angels (with the Alpha and Omega hanging from either end of the crossbeam) is the heraldric symbol of Asturias, but I didn't find out why.

Here in New Orleans (it's the last day of my home visit), many homes have temporary storage trailers parked on the lawn, next to the FEMA trailer where the homeowner is living. In Asturias, the traditional storage units (derived from Roman times) are built on stilts and features wide balconies for drying grains. This one was right in town, but we saw quite a few along the roads.

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