Monday, August 21, 2006

Another Anniversary

Well, it's another big day! Yes, thirty (30) years ago today, I entered the novitiate. We had hoped it would be for the Queenship of Mary, but the way things worked out, it was the vigil of Our Lady's feast, so that the Queenship would be our first full day in Novitiate. Anyway, I still need prayers for the fulfillment of what that day started.
To update you on the recording, today we did 2.5 songs, putting down the piano and choral tracks for O Holy Night. God willing, I will do the solo part tomorrow: talk about needing prayers!


Lisa said...

"May God bring to completion the good work He has begun in you!"

Anonymous said...

Your choir director says to forget the prayers - God has already given you technique, talent and discipline. Just rely on those gifts, get a good night's sleep and drink lots of water! You'll be wonderful.

Looking forward to hearing the final product.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sr. Anne,

It is indeed a glorious day for you, as I can tell how much you love and enjoy being a Daughter of St. Paul or more importantly, a bride of God Himself. Many people envy you, but many don't understand it.
Let us join the whole Church in praying for vocations. There are many young adults who dedicate a good deal of time helping in their parishes. Maybe, they haven't been given the "push" yet. Vocations are out there......
God bless you and all your co-novices!!

MaureenM said...


Happy Anniversary of your first full day in the Novitiate.

from today's Gospel:
"And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters
or father or mother or children or lands
for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more,
and will inherit eternal life."

May God bless your work and bring it to fruition.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. Besides the obvious, we have been blessed a hundred fold by your exemplary life. Mom and Dad

Lisa said...

I'd like to add another view on one of anonymous' posts. I agree but would also assert that many of those good young people haven't been invited to consider religious life. Far too often, in my view, we expect people to come forward saying they'd like to be a religious. In many cases, people view themselves unworthy and need the encouragement of someone else say "Have you considered...?" I know quite a few "late" vocations to the priesthood that came into being that way.

I have a priest friend who at some point in time asked every unmarried young man who crossed his path for more than a day if he ever thought about priesthood. Some hadn't and later did. Some at least asked themselves, later moving to married life, but all the better for having asked. Some admitted they had and eventually wound up in the seminary and ordained as priests of Jesus Christ. Jesus extends the invitation, "Come and see!" But don't we?