Monday, July 24, 2006

Katrina update

Well, at lunch yesterday with some cousins and my one uncle who held out in his little bungalow throughout the entire hurricane and aftermath, I heard some of their survivors' tales, and also a few current events.
One of the saddest, that really brings out my inner redneck, is that once FEMA stopped paying for housing, a huge wave of criminals returned to the city, where they have been wreaking havoc. One relative on the police force saw her partner shot four times (and paralyzed) after a traffic stop--while she was putting the unlicensed driver of the car into the squad car, the passenger ran out of the car and around a corner, and shot the other officer from hiding.
On the positive side, there is a baby boom over here, and while the media identify "New Orleans" only with the actual city limits, we natives know that the whole area is New Orleans--and while the city population is diminished, the Jefferson parish population has increased, so that offers some hope.

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Chelsea said...

I just got back from a family reunion...Some of my relatives are from New Orleans. They brought pictures and stories of Hurricane Katrina. I never realized how much Katrina has affected my family. My cousin's home was completely demolished and some of my great aunts and uncles houses were severly damaged. Thankfully no one was hurt and they are all safe and well! :-) Thanks for posting! :-)