Friday, June 16, 2006

Yesterday's Post

Sounds like a newspaper: "Yesterday's Post." No, it is just that the post I sent yesterday failed to upload, so here it is:

Today, I realized at Mass, is the 91st anniversary of the founding of the Daughters of St. Paul. Over here at Mundelein, where I am getting ready to pack up the Scripture exhibit, there is a Sister of St. Joseph who just celebrated her 91st birthday two days ago. Sister Veronette is a tiny little handful of impishness and charity. She enjoyed good health (aside from hearing loss and macular degeneration) until this year, when her knees gave out. At her age, surgery is too risky, so she is moving about more carefully, with big braces on both knees. But she is still full of pep and pepper. We should all have that much spirit at 91!

And now that I am back in Chicago, I can put up a few of my surviving Rome pictures. (I didn't want to write about the Spain portion of the trip until I had caught up on the previous posts missing pictures.) On the Colosseum, you can see the difference between where they cleaned and where they stopped when they realized that the patina of grime and who knows what-all else was actually keeping the stone from being eaten away.

Following that, you see the view of the Gesu' dome from the stairway leading to St. Ignatius' room across the courtyard.

The round Church is San Bernardo where I finally did meet up with Sr. Bernadette and with Karen and Barbara, who were wandering all over that part of Rome looking for the round Church by Santa Susanna's.

And finally, another really cool view of the Colosseum.

(These are from the only roll of film from Rome that survived. I had actually used an entire roll just on the Gesu, before we visited the apartment of St. Ignatius.)

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Chelsea said...

These pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!! :-)