Monday, June 26, 2006

What a weekend

Saturday was our community's big Jubilee celebration in Boston (scheduled to coincide as closely as possible with the feast of St. Paul). There were four sisters for 25 years and four sisters for 40 years. There is also a "Golden Girl," ( Sr. Joseph), but she had her solemn celebration in her native Philippines (though I imagine she would have gladly given it another go in Boston, too). Among the Silver Jubilarians was our own Sr. Helen! Since Sr. Susan and Sr. Helena had just finished their annual retreat and were still in Boston, they were able to participate first-hand in the festivities. What is especially interesting about the Silver group is that they are all artists: three of the sisters are involved in visual arts, and the fourth is a musician.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Sr. Thecla and I had made plans with one of our volunteers to meet her and her husband at Millennium Park for the evening concert. I packed a picnic, along with a blanket and some folding chairs. The concert title was "A Tibetan Mozart Requiem," with a group of genuine Tibetan Buddhist monks and the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus. That was such an experience (even though we left just as the chorus was thundering the "Sanctus"--the cold, damp weather was just too much to bear any longer), I want to post a separate reflection on it. Obviously, the picture I posted of Sr. Thecla was from the scene, as we waited to flag down our friends.

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Lisa said...

Is the jubilarian musician involved in the FSP recordings?