Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome, Sr. M. Thecla!

I'm getting ready to head off to Midway to pick up the newest member of the Chicago community, Sr. Mary Thecla. She's a vibrant Italo-American from Buffalo, full of personality and good sense, and being close in age to my mother, she will relieve Sr. Susan of office as the "senior" community member. It's a good thing she's coming in today, because tomorrow Sr. Helen leaves for Boston, where she will give thanks (along with her co-novices) for the grace of 25 years of religious profession in a celebration on Sunday. Sr. Susan and Sr. Helena will also be there, having finished up their retreats and community meetings. That leaves me and the newbie (new to Chicago, that is) holding the fort on Michigan Avenue--and I'm taking a class at CTU this week, so poor Sr. Thecla won't even have anyone to chat with in the evenings until Saturday! (The class is "Thomas Merton's Contribution to the Theology of Art," and to judge from the first session last night, it will be extremely enriching.) (Got that, Lauren?)
I also have to acknowledge my sister and her husband, who today celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. I'll see if I have any fairly recent photos.... but time is short, and I really have to get to the airport!


Lisa said...

Wow, your Chicago community continues to grow! Is the junior professed Sister also still with you?

Continued blessings on all!

Lisa said...

And JUBILEE BLESSINGS on Sister Helen and her co-novices!!!