Friday, June 30, 2006

St. Paul

To most of the Catholic world, this is simply June 30, memorial of the Martyrs of the Church of Rome--a nameless group whose number we cannot even begin to estimate, especially given that it extended across an empire and several centuries. But to the members of the Pauline Family, this is our mega-feast of St. Paul. We have our own liturgical celebration, including the Divine Office, for this feast. And there are plenary indulgences attached (under the usual conditions) for all members. I believe that includes the Pauline Cooperators, our lay associates group: another good reason for anyone interested in promoting the Gospel in the spirit of St. Paul to join up. Unless you are already a member of one of the Pauline institutes of consecrated life, of which there are nine (one for priests/brothers, four for religious sisters, one for diocesan clergy, one for single men, one for single women and one for married persons). Alberione claims that it was Paul, not he, who was the actual founder. (Paul was busy in life and in death!)
To honor our patron, I am posting the newest image I have of him. It is from the doorway of the "Collegio di San Xeronimo" (that is "Jerome" or "Jeronimo", and no, he is not the patron St. of Xerox). The Collegio is located in the principal plaza outside of the Cathedral in Compostela. On the left side were James and two unidentiable saints; on the right side of the doorway were Peter, Paul and Bernard. Nicest Paul I've ever seen, with the possible exception of a little marble Michaelangelo Paul in the Cathedral in Siena.
Thank you to all who prayed for us on our special day!

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Karen said...

This must be the "sweet" St. Paul that you took about eleventy bazillion pictures of ...

Happy feast day! Even though I was late seeing this.