Friday, April 28, 2006

Theology of the Body conference

Well, reporting to you live upon my return from the first day of the 3rd Annual Theology of the Body Forum, being held at Mundelein. (I'm ba-ack.) It is fabulous! There was not a single boring presenter, and I suspect that part of that is related to the amazing kind of integration all of the presenters brought to bear on their own topic within the overall theme. No one was a narrow, tunnel-visioned type of expert in only one field: they all had background in several distinct disciplines. The most interesting of all was the Byzantine priest-artist, but the extremely theological chiropractor mom (five kids) was also spectacular, as was the first speaker, Katrina Zeno from "Women of the Third Millennium", who is an engaging speaker I can highly recommend, especially for women's groups.
The sessions were mostly being held in a chapel, so there was the added advantage of having Jesus right on hand, listening in.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

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AveMaria1 said...

Sr. Anne,

Was the Byzantine Priest Artist, Father Tom from Homer Glen Illinois?

Not sure if you are aware, but there is the most beautiful Byzantine church in Homer Glen (the town I grew up in), just South of Chicago on Will-Cook Road. It's called Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church. The chapel is all covered with icons by Father Tom, from floor to ceiling.

I am really wondering if it was Father Tom you saw, please let me know. There is a link to Annunciation on my blog too, if you are interested. Happy weekend! Glad you enjoyed all the speakers!