Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Choir News

We just got the latest album, the one we were recording in August.

"Our Christmas Hope" is also the title/theme of this year's Christmas concert series. We'll be singing mostly in familiar territory, but there are some new places, too.

And just in time for all of this, Google opened the new "Google+" for organization and event pages, so I hurried to get a virtual foot in that door for our choir. The Facebook page is still where all the interactivity happens (after all, there are almost 8,000 fans of the choir on Facebook), but it's important, I think, to at least have a presence in the new arenas, too.  (If you're on G+, please follow the choir, and share the link!)

Speaking of following and sharing, a few more of my presentations on the changes in the Mass have been posted on the official Pauline website. (Just don't trust the one that says it's the "Introduction" yet...I went to check on that, and it's really the conclusion!)
Feel free to embed a video now and then on your blog, or to include a link in your email. After all, a majority of people who think of themselves as Catholic are completely unaware that these changes are coming. When, God willing, they go to Mass at Christmas, they may be unsettled enough to lose their tenuous connection with the Church on a permanent basis.(You'd be doing me and the Daughters a favor if you recommend me to your parish staff as a presenter on the Mass, especially after the changes are introduced and people have had a chance to take some of it in.)

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