Monday, April 26, 2010

Coming Around

I was never really a big devotee of St. Anthony. Lost items? For me, it was never, "Tony, Tony, please come 'round; something's lost and must be found!" I usually turned to my Guardian Angel, to whom I have assigned the familiar and comforting name of...Guardian Angel. But lately I have been coming around to St. Anthony.
Today I was preparing a set of documents for mailing, and realized with a start that one of them was missing from the batch. I remember when this document came to me; I remember being very careful with it. I could not remember where in God's green earth it was if it wasn't in the batch with the others. I took the documents out, page by page. No. Went to my room, where I had opened the mail the day the missing document came in. Checked the trash can in my room. No. Checked the trash can in my office. No. Went down to my mail slot and through a bin of odds and ends I keep handy in the refectory (dining room). No and No. But the dining room jaunt brought something else to my attention, so I went upstairs to deposit it (in a safe place). Back in my office, I looked around again, picking up piles of paper that are waiting to be filed or acted on, checking the glass table of the flatbed scanner...
Finally, I turned to St. Anthony. "Anthony, this is a really important document. Please help me find it."
The spiritual equivalent of a friendly tap on the shoulder prompted me to look by my keyboard, under my appointment calendar.

I'm a believer!

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Anonymous said...

I am a skeptic and perhaps a friendly tap on my shoulder will turn me into a believer.