Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh, Chicago!

My flight got in ten minutes early. That was good, because I noticed in the United Airlines magazine that their "travel photo contest" deadline for entries is midnight tonight, and I actually have a photo that deserves at least a look. From St. Ignatius' birthplace. The raw, 15th century Moorish brick of the upper floors of the family tower with the smooth marble Basilica from the 17th century in the background. So I got home, turned on the computer, printed the photo, and then... spent a half-hour trying to find a Post Office in downtown Chicago that was open after 6:00. Unsuccessful with the ones in the Loop, I went home, wondering if maybe it just wasn't God's will that I enter this contest--after all, what are my chances anyway, realistically? And isn't the hope of winning a pair of plane tickets (always helpful for a financially strapped community!) just putting too much hope in earthly things? Well, I decided, if Sr. Helena and Sr. Susan took the community van to the book exhibit in Cincinnati, that would be my indication to stop trying. Ha! The van was available. So off I went to the larger downtown Post Office (Ft. Dearborn). There was even a parking spot! But the hours were clearly posted: closes 6:00 Friday. Darn. But there it was in small type: Self-Service Available Until 7:00!
It only cost $1.59 to speed my photo to the judges, even if all they do is look at it and say (as the green-jacketed "passenger assistants" in the Madrid airport), "Hmph! You are in ze wrong place!"
Because if there's a chance that the photos will get some positive attention, it would be an opening for United Airlines to tell a VERY interesting story.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your photo contest. Is there a saint Kodak?