Monday, September 18, 2006

closet meme

Karen tagged me with a "closet meme." But I don't have a closet! (Actually, Karen went through her whole house, but I am only taking this as a closet meme and only tagging Sr. Lorraine, Lauren and Lisa with that).  I do have book shelves, however, and a clothes cabinet, and a nightstand that is mostly a book cabinet.
Among the items on the shelves, aside from lots and lots of books (now including my Dad's old "Raccolta" which I found among the boxed books rescued from Katrina), I have...
  • a statue of Our Lady of Montserrat with
  • a first-class relic of St. Ignatius at her feet, next to
  • my great-great-grandmother's wooden crucifix, near a
  • statue of St. Paul and
  • an audio speaker (the other one is on the other side of my bed).

1 comment:

Karen said...

I have my Our Lady of Montserrat statue on my desk right next to my St. Ignatius statue. They make a good couple. But then, we knew that. Next to them are my Divine Mercy statue and my statue of St. Stephen, patron saint of writers. And martyrs. And maybe writer/martyrs? Anyway, that's the gang who greets me every morning when I sit down to work. Not a bad way to start the day!