Monday, September 11, 2006

Anniversary Prayers

The pouring rain today couldn't have been more of a contrast with the magnificent weather five years ago. It was such a splendid morning, but once we witnessed the blasphemy of terrorism, and people began pouring from the buildings here in Chicago and the city was deserted, there was no one outside to enjoy the perfect weather and the blue, blue sky. We kept our door open so that people could come into the chapel to pray, but no one was around. So we prayed, not knowing if the Sears Tower or the Aon building (one block away) was going to come down next.
We still need to pray, of course. In a particular way, I think we need to pray in reparation for the sin of terrorism, and to pray for the conversion of all those who use violence of any kind to attain political or economic goals.

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Anonymous said...

My recollection was of Chicago taxi drivers dancing in the streets over our misfortune....or has the passage of time blurred my memory